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Btch what did you say EXO t Exo Kpop and BTS

Btch what did you say EXO t Exo Kpop and BTS


kpop meme totally me

☆~Sometime We Are Like Stars. We Fall So Someone's Wish Can Come True

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Asians don't look the same! I don't understand how adults can't tell the difference when young people can tell from afar or the side.

I think that's everyone who doesn't speak Korean XD

Why can't Exo-L and Army get along just like EXOBTS? :(

Well we all know how sinful the english comments are

When you try to be nice to your best friend but it feels too weird



and its working.

Look at Junma though XD "Son OMG we talked about thiss arghh the manager hyungs will kill me !

Vs face xD < < < Yes the K in kpop stands for Chinese.

BTS Bon voyage ep4 _ BTS V LOL <3 That's totally V right there hahaha

Kdrama, Exo, Korean Dramas

STYLISH: EXO-K poses for High Cut

< < Just say both, ship name would be sekook possibly... Not sure.

so he wants such girl with that kind of abs.....dont mock me..he saod that he would date himself instead of any members

I live for Bangtan x Got7 and Bangtan x Exo | Jackson and Namjoon

Suga I'm waiting for ya😊 - BTS ~ DarksideAnime

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call me paranoid , but this actually really concerns me . I am worried . if BTS , EXO or BIGBANG disbanded i would cry and my life would be over ...

People also love these ideas

he is literally all of us!!!! he is such a jimin fanboy. Exo ...

Kris: From what I have seen through varieties, interviews, and personal actions, definitely not gay. Shy and introverted but not gay.

EXO's Xiumin, Chen, and D.O are stunning in their new teaser clips | SBS PopAsia

˗ˏˋfinally, i got youˎˊ˗

KBS news anchor apologizes for saying BTS is beating EXO in popularity

"you did well...." by pandagirl2102 ❤ liked on Polyvore featuring. Kpop ExoGot7. "

BTS' ARMY Goes to Battle Against EXO-Ls in Fan Army Face-Off 2017 | Billboard




EXO tops album charts for the 2nd week in a row with 'The War: The Power of Music' repackage

EXO display their 'Power' by ranking #1 on iTunes album charts in 33 different countries!

Kpop Imagines (BTS, EXO, Seventeen, Day6, Got7, etc)

there's so much more but this is all i can think of right now ;-; that's why we don't understand when someone hates our boys, they're so nice and lovable ...

Ratmys creating new accts, acting like they stan western stars and just want to hear some kpop just to hate on exo. Not surprised at all.

#baekhyun #chanyeol #chen #exo #exo-k #exo-m #fanfiction #kai #kris #kyungsoo #luhan #sehun #suho #tao #xiumin

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Chinese member and lead dancer in EXO!!


their concept is about youth and growing up so alot of youngsters relate and their songs can be really inspirational to us in real life and they actually ...

EXO-Ls, you can start freaking out and hyperventilating now because the boys are looking extremely good! Their gazes in this black and white vintage-style ...

Chinese member and lead dancer in EXO!!

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K-Pop in the US: a massive fire, or just a lot of

I don't think that BTS will disband soon, because they have a lot of fans and the fandom is growing right now.

Like, more than half the time girls just ask "I don't mind the others as long as Kai is straight.

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Surviving Seoul High [EXO & BTS Fanfic]

Watch: EXO-CBX Gets Adorable And Adventurous In Teaser For New Reality Show ...

I've been in his position albeit in a much smaller scale and even then it is terrifying. We love you Kai however you were born.

NCT 127 surprise fans with a huge batch of individual teaser images for 'Touch'

Chinese member and lead dancer in EXO!!

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Also, the relationship between members is strong so they won't disband because of problems between them.


... new batch of of memes for you guys!! I know posting memes doesn't make me a meme queen but I thought maybe it's a good nickname. Hope you guys have fun

Love you BTS. Let's fly with our beautiful wings for as long as we can !

You | Park Jaemin | 16

'Hello Baby's Yoogeun in deep shock, cried himself to sleep after hearing about Jonghyun's death

Lay: Honestly, again, I wish he was gay but he comes across very straight. He's just so damn innocent and loving you can't help but wanna scoop him up and ...

He had been entitled as Golden Maknae because he can literally do everything! He can Sing, Rap, Dance, Good at any sports, ...

Item: EXO Winter Special Album - Sing For You

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They don't compromise on it),Visuals(I don't even have to talk about it). They all are savage,cool,kind,idiotic. A perfect mixture of sweet and salt:-)

I feel he's gay but if he isn't I won't complain. Well I'd complain about losing a sexy beast like him but I'd deal.


Stray Kids introduce their members with new batch of individual profile photos

photo photo ...

they have so many other songs so i will just give you their company's channel and their channel where they post most of their content -ibighit


EXO-Ls, you can start freaking out and hyperventilating now because the boys are looking extremely good! Their gazes in this black and white vintage-style ...

Exo Imagines


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Update: EXO Postpones Release Of Winter Album

They are very similar in their quiet and introverted ways and so I think it really formed a strong friendship, but no relationship.

What are your thoughts on #exosnatchedjustinsfansparty??? THE MEMES ARE SO LIT, ...

HE SAID ALL OF EXO 😭😭😭😭❤ #cbx #live #oksusu

My bias is [P.E.R.F.E.C.T.] Btch. #kpopmeme

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As long as we continue to support them and their music, even if they are dating someone or get married or suffer from some problems, they wouldn't even ...

I'll be honest - initially I didn't really see the other members as particularly attractive. They weren't really my taste, except for Jin (my first and last ...

Love Letters & Lover Boys ( B.T.S, GOT7, EXO & WANNA ONE Fanfic )