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CMK Arabian Horses The Arabians of written record H O R S E S

CMK Arabian Horses The Arabians of written record H O R S E S


Arabian stallion - Old Crabbet line. Raseyn x Ferda by Rustem. 4 crosses to Mesaoud

Oran 1940 ch. Riffal x Astrella by Raseem, with lines to Mesaoud · Race HorsesHorse HorseBeautiful Arabian ...

Antham (*Rushan AHSB x WN Sharazada by BlueSpruceTanzeer). Beautiful Arabian HorsesHorse TackBarnHorse PicturesOrcasArabian ...

Early Polish Pedigrees Simplified: The Three Main Categories

Aurab 12488 Chestnut stallion Foaled August 1957 Bred by: E. Find this Pin and more on Classic Crabbet/CMK/American Arabian Horses ...

Ben Rabba · Wild AnimalsAncestryHorse ...

The Donoghue Arabians

*Orzel, bred by Janów Podlaski, Poland Exported to the USA in Race record… Find this Pin and more on Arabian Horses ...

FADRAAH chestnut mare (Aaleh-Zon x Fadahl, by Lingayen) Dam of 6 registered purebreds

The Founding of the Crabbet Tradition (Part I)

Aur Mystic Alexander (Aur Mystic x Aur Alexandria) 2008 CMK Arabian stallion


Antezeyn Skowronek 5321

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He was the earliest imported (1879) Arabian registered with The Arabian Horse Club of America.

2008 CMK stallion sire: Aur Mystic (Aulrab x GF Silver Mystery by *Silver Vanity) dam: Aur Alexandria (Aulrab x Seranetta by Ibn Awad).

Hypoint photos: AL-MARAH RADAMES (Indraff x Gutne, by Bazleyd) 1952 grey stallion bred by Bazy Tankersley/ Al-Marah Arabians;

Gallery of Ancestors: *Nasik

CMK Preservation Breeding. “


Ferneyn (Ferseyn [*Raseyn x *Ferda by Rustem] x Moneyna [*Raseyn x Monica by Tabab] 1944 grey stallion bred by Vee Jay Arabs, California -sire of Ferzon

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The Arabians of the CMK Heritage

FV AUL RABBA 1998 chestnut stallion · Paint HorsesArabian ...


Nigma at 5 yrs. with her first colt in Egypt. Picture taken in front of Prince Mohammed Ali's palace.

Horse pictures

Photo: Golden Ecstasy | CMK Arabians, less common sire lines album | Carol Mingst. Photo And VideoArabian HorsesAlbumEasyCard Book

CMK Arabian Horses – Page 2 of 13 – The Arabians of written record

CMK Arabian Stallion · Horse ...

RAFYK (Azrek x *Rose of Sharon) at Quambi Springs in 1903, age 13. (Photo by “The Critic”, courtesy Coralie Gordon; for the record, this is a screen of a ...

CMK Arabian Horses The Arabians of written record http

Fadjur. The HorseBig ...

Aurab. Horse BreedsPretty HorsesArabian ...

Cmkarabianscom CMK Arabian Horses The Arabians of


The Arabians of Ben Hur Farm

Preservation Breeding and Population Genetics

The image of a great black Arabian stallion, floating along the beach, nose to the wind, tail flagging, caught the attention of audiences with the release ...

BUKRA (Ahmar x Bozra), a personal favorite of Lady Wentworth, and dam of *BERK and *BATTLA.

*Leopard the Arab and *Linden Tree the Barb (Part I)

Arabian horse

Indian Magic: A Master Breeder's Masterpiece?

The Double Registered Arabians

BUSHRA (Azrek x Bozra), the eldest of BASILISK's three granddaughters still represented in pedigrees. (Note that the background of this photo is Randolph ...

Crystal Naiah, Sport Horse In-Hand winner


14 Responses to “Not an Arabian horse: ...

BINT RANYA (Redif x Ranya), a RIYALA granddaughter, is one of two Leigh-bred Arabians still represented in pedigrees.

Ferzon Ferneyn x Fersara Photo by Judith Wagner With Mel Clapp Born 1952 to Frank B McCoy, California, Ferzon sired 231 registered purebred Arabians before ...

Skowronek with Lady Wentworth

El Nino has stayed a very long time. This is the first dry spell we've had all summer. I'm dripping wet by the time I get done feeding, and it's cool out.

CMK Heritage Catalogue IV

Hamdany Ra´an 1294, bay stallion, born 2002, by Jellaby Hataan 945 out of Hamdanieh Khaznah 914, one of my favourite stallions in Bahrain

The Rise and Fall of the Arab Market

... unlike any other in the world of equine breeding, in no small part because they belong to rich and powerful people who can get away with this behavior.

Below ...

... the greatest of horse lines end up in the wrong hands, and become so overlooked and under-appreciated that they are literally thrown away to the dogs.

A gray horse being ridden by a person in red, black, and white Arabic

Then ...

"The Bedouins have generally been credited with the beginning of selective pure breeding of Arabian horses (History and Heritage of the Arabian ...

Ten ...

The ...



All three are “Arabians” ...


From ...

arabian horse The Official Voice of the Arabian Horse Industry

A trotting horse with dark reddish-brown coloring on the neck, upper back,

The Arabian Market Today

Compare ...

A dark horse moving towards the camera with head held high and legs striding forward.

This ...

Assyrian horses on the so called Lachisch relief

Trail horse, Razique, $2,500, Gelding, Bay, Age: 14, 14.3H, 950 lbs, Foaled: 2004, TRAIL HORSE, $2,500, 2004 Gelding, Bay, 14.3H, 950 lbs., Looking for a ...

An Asil Kuhaylah al-Tuwayssah from Lebanon, bred by General Salim al-Dahdah


Before the new information provided by Shaikh Tahawi Sa'ied Mejalli al-Tahawi surfaced, almost nothing was known about him, other than the mention on page ...

Mesaoud with groom

The power of Bahrain: Hamdaany Zaizoom (Saqlaawy Saba´an X Hamdanieh Khaznah) 2004

Daughters of the Wind: a blog on desert arabian horses, past and present » Welcome, Ginger

Arabian horse ArabianHorsesorg Arabian Horses

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Evidently you can't just take a horse from the stables at the racetrack, and load them in your trailer to go wherever.

Nichem, an Asil stallion of Algerian and Tunisian bloodlines