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Cartoon about Reparations from the Treaty of Versailles 1919

Cartoon about Reparations from the Treaty of Versailles 1919


Cartoon about Reparations from the Treaty of Versailles (1919)

A cartoon depicting Germany being spoon-fed peace-terms by the Council of Four. The caption states "You've got to swallow it (the pill) whether you like it ...

Cartoon: senator in bed says "See that horrible vulture! Take it away.

This political cartoon illustrates how the Treaty of Versailles was very harsh for Germany and quite unfair.

treaty of versailles A cartoon lampooning Wilson's idealism

Political Cartoon of the Treaty of Versailles showing Russia alone in its own destruction.

The Reckoning. Pan German. "Monstrous, I call it. Why, it's

93 best After Versailles images on Pinterest | Germany, History and Treaty of versailles


Cartoons from Punch magazine by Bernard Partridge | PUNCH Magazine Cartoon Archive

The Finishing Touch.

... 2 February 14; 26.

Cartoon captioned You Really Can't Blame Him for Wanting a Life Preserver ...

REPARATIONS  Germany ...

Sunday, 2 February 14 !

Swallow the Pill; 20. Reparations

... treated this way as a result of private feuds between Germany and France, and Germany and Britain. This political cartoon suggests Clemenceau's motives ...

93 best After Versailles images on Pinterest | Germany, History and Treaty of versailles

Paris Peace Settlement 1919 Sunday, 2 February 14 ...

A German man is drowning and needs help. A French man is in a boat

Treaty of Versailles Cartoon ...

In this cartoon, a horse is shown to be strapped to a cart with a load of 'Unlimited Indemnity' on it. Indemnity is the money paid as compensation.

The Debtors. (Germany paints I.O.U on France's back and France does the same to

Treaty of Versailles source - German cartoon of the impact the Treaty and reparations caused.

treaty 2.JPG

A political cartoon on the treaty's treatment of Germany


2. David Lloyd George trying to balance French desire to destroy Germany with the American desire to protect it for the future:

A fairly obvious cartoon : it is thanks to Versailles that Hitler could come to power

The Treaty of Versailles delights Greed, Revenge and other devils Date: 1919 - Stock

Treaty of Versailles ...

German cartoon of 1919 attacking the Treaty ...

Once the German's agreed to the Armistice, they were under the impression that they would be consulted by the Allies on the contents of the Treaty.

Create a title for this Political Cartoon ...

This video provides an in depth analysis of a GCSE History cartoon from the event surrounding the signing of the Treaty of Versailles (after Although ...

[6]; 27.

Today in 1919 the League of Nations was born - here a bedraggled League looks at

Donald G Wileman lecture. on the TREATY OF VERSAILLES

The 20th Century

World War One - Versailles Treaty

A political cartoon about German attitudes towards the treaty titled “Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde,” 1919.

Map of Europe after Treaty of Versailles- Europe gained new nations such as Czechoslovakia, Poland and Yugoslavia

Germany's War Reparations

The Treaty of Versailles in 1919 ended the war and required Germany to pay huge war reparations. This also established the League of Nations.

The Treaty of Versailles includes 440 articles. The principal items are:


This political cartoon shows the treaty all ripped up and on crutches thus proving that the treaty was a complete disaster and it did not work at all.

Mariage de Conference. Germany (to Russia). "With all thy worldly goods

Treaty of Versailles Bitter Pill Cartoon

The message the cartoon is trying to convey is that the Treaty of Versailles was fair and that Germany deserved what they got

Reparations ...


World War One - Versailles Treaty

German reparations

... Treaty German cartoon

Source E

The stab in the back myth (Dolchstoßlegende) was supposedly utilized by the Nazis to

Woodrow Wilson, The Treaty of Versailles, and the League of Nations Fight

... 3.

A Greek person smirks as they tell a German person that "a debt is a

At the Reparations Circus. (The Hague: August 6.) British Lion.

Thus, helping us understand that Hitler had lost all of his power and was forced to signing The Treaty Of Versailles ...

POLITICAL CARTOON: Versailles Treaty Political Cartoon Original caption: 1919- Cartoon depicts the Versailles

Senator Borah, Lodge and Johnson refuse Lady Peace a seat. Refers to efforts by Republican isolationists to block ratification of Treaty of Versailles ...

Clemenceau's desire to destroy Germany in order to extract reparations:

End of WWI: the Treaty of Versailles & the League of Nations - Video & Lesson Transcript | Study.com

Source H: A German cartoon published in 1919. The German mother is saying to her starving child: 'When we have paid one hundred billion marks then I can ...


World War I - Germany Pays Reparations

Sunday, 2 February 14 ...

7; 8.

4. Wilson's desire to protect helpless Germany from Clemenceau's desire to destroy her. David Lloyd George is being pushed towards the Treaty by the clamour ...

A Transparent Dodge. Germany. "Help! Help! I drown! Throw me

Germany was under a chapter of system change after centuries when they owed gigantic reparations. WW1 known as War to end all wars.

Yes. France and Belgium were the most angry. France was the scene of the slaughter on the Western Front, was partially occupied by Germany, ...

A pleased British Prime Minister David Lloyd George brings an Easter egg to Britain in the form of the Versailles Peace Treaty, April 1919

The Peace Queue. Austria (to Germany). "Get a move on!

... and cartoon his motives; 9.

... 2 February 14; 29.

... an analysis of the effects of the treaty of versailles on germany World war i officially ...

How did the Treaty of Versailles treat Germany?. Learning objective – to be able

Finally, and perhaps the most humiliating portion of the treaty for defeated Germany was Article 231, commonly known as the "War Guilt Clause," which forced ...

World War One was the cultural equivalent of the Black Death in that it destroyed the seed of one generation as well as the next as it melded into an ...

Cartoon: Wonder How Long the Honeymoon Will Last?

Treaty of Versailles

Cartoon captioned Turn on the Hose ...

ISU; 42.

Through the door at the end appear two huissiers with silver chains. They march in single file. After them come four officers of France, Great Britain, ...

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