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Did you know that the deep hue in blueberries can stain your teeth

Did you know that the deep hue in blueberries can stain your teeth


Before you soak your sashimi with soy sauce or kick back with a glass of Shiraz

Teeth Whitening Tips: 10 Foods That Stain Teeth

Foods and Drinks that Can Stain your Teeth: Teeth Whitening Services

... also have the potential to stain your teeth. The deep hue in blueberries, cranberries, raspberries and blackberries in particular can cause staining ...

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View photos. Blueberries

... put berry jam on your toast, their deep hue can still cause staining, Colgate says. Try drinking a glass of water after eating, or brushing your teeth ...

Did you know that the deep hue in blueberries can stain your teeth? To combat

The perfect blueberry should be "dusty" in color. But don't wash off that "dust" until you're ready to dig in. A rinse softens your blueberries, which can ...

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6 Foods That Are Staining Your Teeth

Food coloring typically contains aggressive chemicals that can transfer to your teeth under prolonged exposure. Similarly, some foods like raspberries and ...

If you are a coffee lover, you may have noticed that your teeth tend to have more stains than your non-coffee drinking counterparts.

Do you have stained or discolored teeth? The cause could be from the foods you're eating or changes going on inside the tooth. Some foods, such as coffee, ...

However, beets can be extremely active in staining teeth. The most important step you can take against beets is to brush your teeth shortly after eating ...

We love our chocolate and coffee or our wine and soda, but we don't love the evidence that is often left behind in the form of discoloured and stained teeth ...

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Your favorite berry might be staining your smile.

Which Foods Actually Stain Your Teeth (and Which Don't)

worst foods for staining teeth

3. Balsamic vinegar

Who doesn't love a big heaping bowl of curry? Although your taste buds love each and every bite, your teeth may pay the price. As you probably know, ...

{Blueberries.} this pic makes me want to plunge my face in them!

blueberries are my favourite food and one of my favourite things in nature. i also love the colour blue, its a really soothing colour and a huge part of ...

Beets are healthy for your body–but they can stain your teeth! Finally, whether you have ...

Ideas for our Maine Blueberries: blueberry & lemon mascarpone tart (donna hay)

amethystaurora: “ Blueberry Basic Trivia The blueberry plant flowers perennially, and produces indigo colored berries. Interestingly, the leaves of the ...

Which Foods Actually Stain Your Teeth (and Which Don't)

Yellow teeth: what causes them & do you need to worry about ...

Because of their acidity, bright red hue and tendency to cling to the teeth, the tomatoes in pasta sauce can leave your teeth vulnerable to staining.

A kinda thin batter, full of moisture ensure that your whole grain flours don't suck the life out of this cake.

In today's appearance and youth-conscious society, the dull, stained effects of tooth discoloration represent a common dental complaint.

__Soy Sauce __ Soy sauce's signature dark color threatens to dull white teeth. On the

Blueberries, Blackberries, and Pomegranates

__Beets__ The deep red color that makes beets so appealing—especially in a warm beet

Slideshow preview image. 10 PHOTOS. Foods that stain your teeth. See Gallery. Aol.com. The top 10 foods that will ...

10 Common Foods That Stain Your Teeth

Blueberry Mojito

Tooth Discoloration

Things that Stain Your Teeth

DENTAL NEWS: Which Foods Actually Stain Your Teeth - Dental Associates of Lancaster

Look out for wild #blueberries at local farmers markets this month 💙 Amazing to eat

Love picking wild blueberries in Northern Wisconsin. The last two years have been bountiful. They are fun to eat and make beautiful edible bouquets.


Easy Blueberry "Cheesecake" Bites

Teeth Whitening London – Five Foods That Stain Teeth


4 Foods that Can Stain Your Teeth

Blueberry GWTH

Did you know these five foods can stain your teeth?

Sodas can lead to stained teeth. These types of drinks have ...

Do your teeth stain easily? Are you afraid to eat blueberries because they'll give your smile a dingy purple hue that lasts for hours?

The benefits of blueberries have been proclaimed for quite some time. They are on every list of the most powerfully rich antioxidant foods and the berries ...


Which Foods Actually Stain Your Teeth (and Which Don't)

What you eat and drink also affects the health of your mouth. Certain foods and beverages can significantly affect your teeth by staining ...

__Refined Carbohydrates__ Refined carbohydrates like crackers, cookies, white bread and other processed foods—

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Daily brushing with fluoride toothpaste and flossing are essential to a healthy smile, but did you know nutrition has an effect on your dental health, too?

Do Cranberries Stain Your Urine?

With the exception of strawberries, richly pigmented fruits such as blackberries, blueberries, and raspberries can seriously pack a punch when it comes to ...

Beverages that stain your teeth

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With that being said, be concious of the way they influence your teeth. The deep hue in blueberries or cranberries, can stain ...

Inflammation fighting fruit


Which Foods Actually Stain Your Teeth (and Which Don't)

Only have curry on occasion.

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__Tea__ Tea contains tannic acids, which are plant-derived chemicals that cause external teeth

In the event that if you are among many individuals who claim a love of cheese, at this point, you have yet another reason to relish this delicious meals.

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Summering as much as you can, because before you know it....the pumpkin spice will be taking over.

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Balsamic Vinegar

Five Foods That Cause Stains to the Teeth

You can't have pasta without sauce — but are your teeth being affected? There's no doubt that a fresh, homemade pasta sauce is good for your health, ...

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Since the abrasive properties of baking soda may cause damage to the enamel of your teeth, he recommends using this method once a week.



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Worst Foods for Your Teeth

A kinda thin batter, full of moisture ensure that your whole grain flours don't suck the life out of this cake.

7 Ways to Get Rid of Brown Spots on Teeth

Stained Teeth: Curry can lead to discoloured teeth

Eating blueberries was a treat when I was little. It didn't happen that often, but when it did it was in the form of blueberry cobbler with vanilla ice ...

Cheap and Healthy Recipes

A Rhapsody in Blue. What would you ...