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Kaneki amp Touka edited out Rize Not my best but I did what I could

Kaneki amp Touka edited out Rize Not my best but I did what I could


Touka Kirishima and Kaneki Ken - Tokyo Ghoul Credits to the artist

Chapter 125 page 11 || Kaneki and Touka sex chapter>>> I think I did something good in my previous life

Kaneki x Touka manga moment ❤

Kaneki & Touka Kiss

I wish i could be truely happy again i dont think i was ever truely happy before to be honest


Tokyo Ghoul || Manga || Chapter 124 || Kaneki Ken || Touka

Anyone remember at the very beginning when Kaneki mentioned that it was his favorite book and he noticed Rize was reading it when he asked her out?

Chapter 125 page 8 || Kaneki and Touka sex chapter

Tokyo ghoul re: ch 125(Kaneki x Touka sex scene) a whole chapter for my boy kaneki finally having a good time with Touka instead of going through s…

Chapter 125 page 15 || Kaneki and Touka sex chapter

Tokyo Ghoul: Kaneki and Sasaki

Coloring & Edit by me, aka Prometheus) ^^ Kaneki x Touka //

Tokyo Ghoul || Kaneki Ken || Touka Kirishima

Tsukiyama Shuu, Yomo Renji, Uta, Kirishima Touka & Kaneki Ken - Tokyo Ghoul

After being stabbed in the eye and suffering from amnesia, Kaneki became the CCG investigator know as Haise Sasaki. Eventually, he regains his memories and ...

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Tokyo ghoul re: ch 125 Kaneki x Touka sex scene, Touka likes it rough

Touka Kirishima, Tsukiyama Shuu and Rize Kamishiro | Tokyo Ghoul

Kaneki & Touka | Tokyo Ghoul

Tokyo ghoul kaneki x touka

Tokyo Ghoul:re Touka and Haise/Kaneki

Kaneki And Rize by Nick-Ian

Suzuya Juzo (Tokyo Ghoul) -I feel like sad- by EmaReoNervosityDraws on deviantART

Kaneki x Touka // TouKen (my edit) ^^

Tokyo Ghoul Eyes - Kaneki Ken, Touka Kirishima, Rize Kamishiro, Hideyoshi Nagachika,

Tokyo Ghoul re 42 Comments - Read Tokyo Ghoul re 42 Manga Scans. Free and No Registration required for Tokyo Ghoul re 42

Tokyo Ghoul:re chapter 122 Touka and Kaneki anime edit

touka / Kaneki / Tsukiyama / Rize

Kaneki and Rize


Kaneki, white hair, ghoul, Touka, crying, sad; Tokyo Ghoul

Kaneki X Touka | Touka Kirishima And Kaneki Ken Tokyo Ghoul Wide Wallpaper Hd Pictures .

Tokyo Ghoul || Chapter 122 || Kaneki Ken || Kirishima Touka

1024x1024 Wallpaper kamishiro rize, kaneki ken, tokyo ghoul

Ken Kaneki and Rize Kamishiro | This show really has amazing artists doing the fan art~ | Tokyo Ghoul ▫

Rize choking Kaneki :( - Tokyo Ghoul

Kaneki, Touka, Rize, Yomo, Uta, Nishiki, Hide, Hinami, Tsukiyama, Kaneki, Amon and Juuzou

Tokyo Ghoul Kaneki *slam the table* I want the truth !*look away and mumb.

3840x2400 Wallpaper tokyo ghoul, kaneki ken, kirishima touka, kamishiro rize

Kaneki nobody will leave you, Hide isn't going to leave you, he

Kaneki x Touka // TouKen Wallpaper

Kaneki, Touka, & their bff Hide <3 (my edit) ^^

Ken Kaneki Fan Art by ramune_irm | Tokyo Ghoul Fan Art

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Don't smile, and they think you are irritatingly difficult to be with


Kaneki, Touka, Tsukiyama, Yomo, Uta, Suzuya, Rize, Nishiki, Ayato, Hide, Ryouka, Hinami, Arima, Kaneki, and Sasaki ||| Tokyo Ghoul + Durarara!! Fan Art

Tokyo Ghoul Kaneki and rise

Kaneki Ken (edited by Prometheus) Tokyo Ghoul

Tokyo ghoul Sasaki and Touka

Touka x Sasaki(Kaneki) :remembrance by cupcakeninja11.deviantart.com on @

Before-> After | Kaneki-Touka- Ayato | Tokyo Ghoul

Finiiisheedd...~ *Dance! Dance!* 🙆 #TokyoGhoul #TG #RootA #Chibby #Characters #Kaneki #Ken #Touka #Eto #Uta #Rize #Ghouls #Kawaii #Kowaii #WaterColor ...

Tokyo Ghoul - Rize with Kaneki's Mask on by andy5281

Kaneki/ Haise x Touka #tokyoghoul

st will send the free giveaway of the japanese anime stuff to any place in the world!

This anime hurts my heart.

touka kirishima x kaneki ken - Tìm với Google

I would cry my eyes out < < if Hide turns out to be another artificial one eyed ghoul

Kaneki...why are you crying? ♡ Chapter 125 was so beautiful I can't even///

Tokyo Ghoul | Touka Kirishima

Tokyo Ghoul: Touka and Ayato

Tokyo Ghoul: Kaneki, Touka, Uta

"Can you remember who you were before the world told you who you should be

Touka e Kaneki - Tokyo Ghoul :re

Well, if Kaneki is gay, he wouldn't date Rize. And from that he wont be a ghoul.. unless he's dating with Uta

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Tokyo Ghoul - Kaneki and Rize by CaptainGhostly ...

Kaneki and Touka

“He's my best friend! ” hidehaise week, day 7

Sociopath In Black : Photo

Kaneki asking real questions here

The three closest people to Kaneki: his BFF, his wife and his right hand man.

Kaneki/Sasaki and Touka from the manga

1/3 Touka using the wrong hot springs and Kaneki trying to keep her covered

when u dont think any version of kaneki could get cooler and ishida just

Find this Pin and more on ken by n_n.

Kaneki x Touka // TouKen

Even though you may not be next to me, you may not be one the

Tokyo Ghoul || Rize Kamishiro || Kaneki Ken

The many versions of Kaneki

Kaneki Ken ಠ_ಠ Tokyo Ghoul

Kaneki and Touka // TG

At first I was like " who is that " then I saw blood then i was like " she must be a yandere or something " then the spikes com out and ...

Kaneki x Touka manga moment They finally kiss the ship is coimg true ch.125❤❤

Kaneki(haise) x Touka Pt1 manga moment I ship them alot their better end up together ❤

Kaneki and Rize dialogue

I'm not a ghoul, i just really like coffe

Rize Kamishiro | Tokyo Ghoul ▫

Tokyo Ghoul | Kaneki & Touka. As much as I love Kaneki I hated him so much for this. I forgave him right after though I mean look at that face.

How can you not include this lovely and carnivores lady when you talk about kaneki ships! She's the reason Tokyo Ghoul even happened.

Kaneki Ken from Tokyo Ghoul

Rize and Kaneki

Ken Kaneki and Touka Kirishima || Tokyo Ghoul Fan Art


Kaneki X Touka | Kaneki and Touka fanart by Areivo on DeviantArt