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She knows Sonic is not interested in romance and she hates it when

She knows Sonic is not interested in romance and she hates it when


---THIS COMIC IS DISCONTINUED--- Sorry if I took so long time for doing this short page Anyway hope you like it but I'm suck in writing >_ < FYI : In next ...

She knows Sonic is not interested in romance and she hates it when Amy mistakes his reactions as romantic rejection because she doesn't want Amy to get sad.

Sally often tries to stop Amy from flirting with Sonic, but not because she is jealous. She knows Sonic is not interested in romance and she hates it when ...

SonicTHedge Logic: Sonic and Amy :. by PhoenixSAlover .

Sonic holding Sally! Cute! Bad news.... Amy's jealous because of the look on her face. Sonic you dummy!!!! >:(

I was playing Sonic Heroes and I THINK I heard Knuckles and Sonic arguing in gibberish

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Victim No. 005: Amy Rose by Anti-Sally-Sue-Club ...

Even Sonic can't stand some of them.

SEGA Mandates:Sonic's Character (Read Description) by THE-Julian-Cabrera ...

Ian Flynn (w) • Tracy Yardley (a) • Tyson Hesse (c) SONIC'S RACING INTO A NEW ADVENTURE!After defeating the evil Dr. Eggman's latest plot, Sonic is racing ...

Sonic and Arurora

xsherryblossomx: “ I swear it was originally Sonic and Amy but they didn't fit and then I thought OMG TAILS AND CC and it just…. Atlantis was a great movie ...

I am very catastrophic too Sonic.

Comic Preview: Covers and Solicitations for IDW Sonic #1, #3 and #4 Revealed – The Sonic Stadium

Valentine's Day Special: Sonic's Worst Girlfriends

SONIC RETOLD - Issue 2, Page 2 by glitcher ...

Sonic 222-Sonic and Sal by herms85 ...


Amy : Come on Sonic! I know you can do it. Sonic : Amy please let me out...Nooo...I hate the water...I can't swim...I can't - I can't - I CAN'T. I'll just ...

XD I adore E-Vay.

Sonic Fandom Hypocrisy by jordy-pordy ...

Sonic Controversy Meme by djaik-niffsta ...

Oh wow | Sonic the Hedgehog Sonic the Hedgehog [1] is the blue, anthropomorphic hedgehog protagonist of the Sega video game franchise Sonic the Hedgehog, ...

Dark aurora comic 3

Sonic Headcanons ☆

That sounded way better

Yes, she's crazy for Sonic, but until the writers of Sonic Boom run out of coffee, they'll never actually get together in romance.

Silver is not related to any of his friends in the present day. He knows

Let's face it, Amy is not a good match for Sonic, at least not in the Archie comics canon. She is clingy, she is unhealthy in her adoration for him, ...

(Shadow x Reader x Sonic x silver)

Ian Flynn (w) • Evan Stanley (a) • Tyson Hesse (c) Sonic comes across a town under attack from the biggest Badnik force he's ever seen.

Anyone who claims to love Sonic Youth is 60% lying. It's not because they suck—they're actually very good—but it's because they're one of those bands that ...

You guys think Sonic Likes her for body?No in the Comics have you ever

SonAmy Boom: Amy's Notebook/ Sonic's Journal


Sonic and Lilac: Power of Chaos


The Media Man Reviews: Sonic X by Mixedfan8643 ...

Sonic Boom:A Sweet Secret(Sonamy FanFic)

Which Sonic Character is your Love Match?

Things I Imagine Sonic

Shadouge and um Sonamy by shadouge89

page 2

Maybe it's time for us to leave Sonic Team's take on its own series behind • Eurogamer.net

Amy Rose (Pre-Super Genesis Wave) | Sonic News Network | FANDOM powered by Wikia

... she confirmed that Sonic is her ...

What resulted in the rush to be compliant (yet consistent) was a rather bizarre story arc that involved Amy wishing upon the mysterious Ring of Acorns (an ...

Number 5 – Mina Mongoose & Sonic the Hedgehog

DEW NO DE 2017 Illustration red cartoon vertebrate art fictional character

... when he was named "Terios" does look like Sonic, at least not ...

With Sonic drugged, the shapeshifter opened it's maw widely to consume his face.


Humfrey Hunter feature

You're Not My Sonic!( A sonic exe. x amy rose fanfic

Scourge x Manic [One shot]

page 4

page 3

Lethal Chef: She's apparently not very good at cooking ...

Sonic Boys x Reader

Design test nikki by insane heartbeats-d9ooyi3


Sonic the Hedgehog

Mario and Sonic at the Sochi 2014 Olympic Winter Games - Figure Skating Pairs (Wii

I googled “Elise the Hedgehog” and was surprised. I think Sonic 06 would have been much better if this was real ...

My Lover Is The Girl I Hate(SonAmy) (Discontinued) by moneajohn

At most, I see him viewing her as a little sister; someone he cares about and wants to protect, but will never be attracted to romantically or (chaos ...

Trouble on Two Worlds

Aww Shadow cares about Omega :')

Don't make me bend a spoon at you!

I'm so happy for dear ol' Mina, but I thought if Sonic ever gave her a chance, she might be, “might be” a better girlfriend than Sally Acorn.

Rouge flirts with Shadow to hear what he suspects of a previous ambush. Rouge: Any suspects?

Sonic the Hedgehog

Freedom in Obsession - A Sonic the Hedgehog / Amy Rose Manifesto - The Shipper's Manifesto ?

Creepy Dudes Who Don't Understand How Rejection Works

Here, Sonic appeals to foot and sock enthusiasts.

And we could also throw in the Lancelot and Galahad situaton. My point is, this shipping could work, but there's a lot of debating that takes place.

Sonic and Equestria Girls

Yes, she's crazy for Sonic, but until the writers of Sonic Boom run out of coffee, they'll never actually get together in romance.

Sources: Newsarama, IGN

Here is fetish art of Sonic being 'inflated' like a balloon for titillation. Here is art of Sonic pregnant. Here, Sonic appeals to foot and sock ...

Sonic and Blaze: A Love Story

You know what's the hardest part about love or staying in a relationship? It's spending so much time on someone you believe is the “one” and then one day ...