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QuotWhat did you get from BTS bday game I got Jimin rapped for me

QuotWhat did you get from BTS bday game I got Jimin rapped for me


What did you get from BTS bday game? I got Jimin rapped for me because he likes me. ♡♡ oh heck yeah! I got my bias! :)

BTS Date Game

I saw this birthday game and decided to get it to see my crazy results >w < Saw this game here: BTS

Jin cuddled with me because I am his girlfriend! Comment what you get!

SEVENTEEN birthday game // OML Mingyu rapped for me because he wants to date me

V threw a cake in my face because I made him a sandwich. Thanks Tae.


Beast kpop birthday game scenerio | Onew became my best friend (my first bias became my friend :'))

Thi is accurate but I have a feeling Suga would say bultourne //BTS- okayyy Then

Call me princess one more time I swear to freakin god.

Jimin loves my eyes?! :O BTS birthday game | K-Pop Amino

Me: the fandom needs to chill w the "you got no jams" memes. Also me: *tells every person that annoys me or is being rude that they are jamless, ...

Kpop birthday game. I'm BTS's lead dancer. I love rap, but I'm as coordinated as a drunk squirrel. XD

BTS Jimin's birthday. Written by the mask girl

bts as girls XD/// Kookie's is the best! < < < no rap queen is the best :D

I got Rap Mon

Bts Scenarios -LH

EXO birthday game

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Yep they had to pick when they think is cute and it is a little cute I addmit

Can you imagine how exciting this would be with a personality like his?

Besides gay people are awesome, so what makes it an insult anyway? < <

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Next scene: that he's also planning to do 'Play with Hope' on his next birthday. ARMYs said that they wait for Hobi's contents and he said 'of course, ...

Right now for me ^^ !

Jimin when did you get those jams from xD - BTS ~ DarksideAnime

I thought Jimin didn't have a licence IDK I might be wrong.

Why'd you have to be so attractive? I never gave you permission to steal my heart. How dare you.

E. 2 3 4 5

In this video Jimin is so cute he killed me when he laughed about member's faces

MiscJAMJAM's insane amount of birthday presents to Jimin (i.imgur.com)

I have one UB with 6 bias wreckers jiminie being one of them

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"These days I've been missing my parents and I have been feeling very down, and you have given strength to me." ~Jungkook to Jimin

Introducing my members by Jimin - round English Translation ❤

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Yoongi seemed so excited to play that game then jin just told him to go play it in his own room and I could feel how disappointed yoongi was 😂 😂

Freaking jimin back at it again with killing me

Seeing Jimin in chokers makes me question myself.

RapMon taking out large sums of money to eat food

Yoomin is life I wish i could read Korean

Awww poor jimin but how did he hit his eye on the toilet?

They went to Disney land in Japan when jungkook took jimin there just the two of them so he got his wish (^ω^)

I'm screaming, he's so He's my hope, I can't I

But Jimin .... wait umm does jimin love jungkook or suga ... I'm confused guys.

Jackson got me something new because he loves me (Even though my Bias is Mark and JB)

©peachisoda || 2017 BTS FESTA [Self-Written Profiles]: Park Jimin

*thinks back to the time that V bought Jimin a hella 'spensive Gucci sweater for his birthday and cries*bt

I got D.O confessed to me , because he loves me ♡

When someone is proposing to bae but you gotta jump in there and stop your future from being destroyed. (How To Get Him To Propose Life)

Commence countdown to December 30! | BTS V

Jimin rapping Yankee's part in Tony Montana! When Jimin says he can't rap. Then what was that bitxh?

it's a good kook! go for ...

SEVENTEEN birthday game // OML Mingyu rapped for me because he wants to date me <3

Just gonna say something before getting to the actual info

keke mine is i had a date with Jonghyun because i am the ultimate fan~

His face is everything *-*

Happy Birthday ChimChim aka Jimin~!

EXO Birthday Game Suho dance for me because he loves me

There is only five birthdays, who was members birthday are included here? Find it now.

Mom: What do you want for your birthday? Except BTS merchant nor BTS members. Me: I want a dog Mom: Awww. What type of dog? Me: A dog named Jimin, ...

I really want to go to Jimin's parents restaurant now!

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N consigo assistir o filme sem pensar nele

BTS pun humor

We need a kpop store around here cause I don't feel like getting a cheap credit card just to get online stuff.>>I live near a kpop store and I'm going ...



In fact he is the bookworm of the grp even though he can be aegyo too. He is the best rapper among BTS officially, well he is the lead rapper.

Jimin ♥ Real Name : Park Ji Min ♥ Birthday : October ♥ Birthplace : Busan, South Korea ♥ Height : 175 cm ♥ Occupation : Singer (Member of BTS)

The luMINary⚡ (@The_luMINary95) | Twitter

EXO birthday game!! I had kids with Chen cause I was high?? Hahaha

J-Hope: "No, it's because you have no talent" Suga: *starts rapping* j-Hope: *starts rapping* Rapmon comes over: *starts rapping* rap battle and Suga loses.


Poor Jimin xD

BTS Theory Jimin Forced Job/Family Life

His interview in the Wings Concept Book made me cry. Park Jimin is such a talented beautiful (inside and outside) human being. I hope he loves himself as ...

I feel like there are 3 'Jimins'. Chim Chim is the adorable, shy one. Jimin is the super sexy performer on stage. And then you have Park Jimin - he's the ...

Happy birthday jimin, you seriously bring so much light into this world, you deserve all the love and happiness in the universe.

you got jams on yo phone

2. People break out fighting next to you! What do you do?

Jimin BTS SMA 2018

Jimin favorite Color is Light Blue, black 4. Jimin Blood Type is A 5. Jimin's Family is Dad, mom, younger brother. 6. His birthday ...

Good ol' BTS trash. Well thanks for reading, have a good day!

Yesterday was a nice day. We celebrated bday well nd bonded with some of my relatives well. Cleared some misunderstandings nd most importantly.

BTS imagines

방탄소년단 (BTS) have come back with their second full-length album, Wings, proving that they intend to fly even higher this time around.

Height, however, is only one small aspect of the game. Luckily BTS' members have also revealed what personalities they are attracted to.

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you can call me lock monster